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SKU: 5.1.159
Doll House Basic Wiring Kit
Doll Houses Electrical Sets. Contains all the parts necessary to tapewire a 5-6 room dollhouse.
Price: $29.99
23.49 USD 21.83 EUR 15.88 GBP
SKU: 5.1.1492
Doll House Electric Plug Ins 1492
Doll house Pound in receptacles from Cir-Kit.
Price: $4.99
3.91 USD 3.63 EUR 2.64 GBP

SKU: 5.1.1491
Doll House Electrical plugs 1491
Miniature plugs for Doll houses
List Price: $4.99
Price: $2.99
2.34 USD 2.18 EUR 1.58 GBP
SKU: 5.1.1296
Doll House Grommets 1296
Grommets for your doll house wiring system.
Price: $1.49
1.17 USD 1.08 EUR 0.79 GBP

SKU: 5.1.485
Doll House Large Wiring Kit
Complete Miniature electric kit for your doll house.
Price: $79.99
62.64 USD 58.23 EUR 42.35 GBP
Out of Stock
SKU: 1018
Doll House Light Bulbs
Doll House Candleflame light bulbs. Screw base 12V. Set of 4
Price: $1.99
1.56 USD 1.45 EUR 1.05 GBP

SKU: 5.1.1921
Doll House Light Bulbs 1921
Doll house light bulbs, round bulbs, screw base, 12V, 4 pce set.
Price: $4.49
3.52 USD 3.27 EUR 2.38 GBP
Out of Stock
SKU: 5.1.2432
Doll House Light Bulbs 2432
Candle flame bulbs 12V package of 4
Price: $4.99
3.91 USD 3.63 EUR 2.64 GBP

SKU: 5.1.2349
Doll House Single Recepticles 2349
Set of four single recepticles for doll house.
Price: $5.99
4.69 USD 4.36 EUR 3.17 GBP
SKU: 5.1.330
Doll House Wiring Copper Tapewire
Doll house Lighting roll of copper tapewire.
Price: $15.99
12.52 USD 11.64 EUR 8.47 GBP
Out of Stock

SKU: 5.1.162
Doll House Wiring Starter Kit
Doll Houses Electrical Sets. Everything you need to complete a 6 room dollhouse including transformer.
Price: $54.99
43.07 USD 40.03 EUR 29.11 GBP
Out of Stock
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