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SKU: 4.1.247
Doll House Kits - Cherrydale Lilliput
Two Storey Victorian Farmhouse Doll house Kits by Lilliput. 7 rooms , Two storey victorian farm house. Smooth plywood finish.
List Price: $199.00
Price: $159.99
126.25 USD 117.16 EUR 85.01 GBP
SKU: 4.1.32
Doll House Kits - Glencroft 8001
Greenleaf Doll House Kits the Glencroft Straight from the English Country Side! Item. Four rooms, two storey.
List Price: $129.99
Price: $97.99
77.33 USD 71.76 EUR 52.06 GBP

SKU: 4.1.37
Doll House kits - Harrison
Greenleaf Doll House Kits The Harrison Dollhouse Tudor Mansion.9 rooms, three storey.
List Price: $186.99
Price: $139.99
110.47 USD 102.52 EUR 74.38 GBP
SKU: 4.1.587
Doll House Kits - Laurel
Corona Concepts Doll House Kits. The Laurel is a pretty house that you can add on to with the addition of the Primrose.
List Price: $79.99
Price: $59.99
47.34 USD 43.93 EUR 31.87 GBP

SKU: 4.1.281
Doll House Kits - Lemon Twist
Lilliput Plywood Doll house Kits. Lemon Twist. Two storey gable cottage. Smooth plywood finish.
List Price: $134.99
Price: $109.99
86.80 USD 80.55 EUR 58.44 GBP
Out of Stock
SKU: 4.1.605
Doll House Kits - Magnolia Country Farmhouse 605
Corona Concepts Doll House Kits The Magnolia Dollhouse . This classic country farm house comes with two floors and four spacious rooms.
List Price: $109.99
Price: $79.99
63.12 USD 58.58 EUR 42.50 GBP

SKU: 4.1.282
Doll House Kits - Peaches n Cream
Lilliput Plywood Doll house Kits Peaches N Cream. House with traditional gabled attic and full length porch. 5 rooms. Smooth plywood finish.
List Price: $167.99
Price: $134.99
106.53 USD 98.86 EUR 71.72 GBP
Out of Stock
SKU: 4.1.1509
Doll House Kits - The Washington Dollhouse CS8004 1509
Every-one's favorite country dollhouse! This one is perfect for beginning collectors and children.
Price: $79.99
63.12 USD 58.58 EUR 42.50 GBP
Out of Stock

SKU: 4.1.676
Doll House Kits - Victorias Farmhouse 676
Real Good Toys doll house kits. Victoria's Farm house available in two exterior finishes. 8 Rooms, three storey. Milled plywood finish.
List Price: $415.00
Price: $332.00
261.99 USD 243.13 EUR 176.40 GBP
Out of Stock
SKU: 4.1.635
Doll House Kits - Willow Colonial Saltbox 635
Corona Concepts Doll House Kits The Willow Doll house. Classic colonial-style saltbox doll house kit features 6 rooms three floors.
List Price: $123.99
Price: $92.99
73.38 USD 68.10 EUR 49.41 GBP
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